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Frequently Asked Questions

Are FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers Alcoholic?

No. FICKS Cocktail Mixers do not contain alcohol.

How do I use FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers?

Make a craft cocktail in seconds by combining 2 parts FICKS Cocktail Mixer with 1 part alcohol. Not drinking? Skip the alcohol for delicious nonalcoholic cocktails.

How are FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers so Low in Sugar?

By using real not from concentrate fruit juice as the primary flavor in FICKS Cocktail Mixers, we are able to use much less sugar than other brands who try to make up this flavor difference with sugar and other sweeteners.

Where Can I Buy FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers?

Click here to order FICKS Cocktail Mixers today, or click here to find the store nearest you.

Do FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers Need to be Refrigerated?

FICKS Cocktail Mixers do not need to be refrigerated before opening, and are generally good for over 1 year unopened (see best by date on bottle). However, once you've opened a bottle it must be refrigerated due to FICKS all natural ingredients. FICKS Cocktail Mixers are good for 2 weeks after opening.

What Does "FICKS" mean?

FICKS was started by two college roommates on a mission to "fix" what was broken in the alcohol industry by bringing quality ingredients, and transparent production practices, to the bar. Click here to learn more about the story behind how FICKS is taking the lead as an independent company to fix what's broken at the bar.

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